Adhesions are a major surgical complication without solution

Almost 100% occurrence in open surgical procedures

Severe strain on health systems

Complications include:

Small bowel obstruction (SBO)

•Chronic pain

•Secondary infertility

•Difficulties in repeat surgeries

Patient anxiety and discomfort

Require re-operation

Multi billion dollar problem


Surgical adhesions are a major source of healthcare expenditure:

  • 34% of people who have underwent an abdominal surgery will end up in the hospital within 5 years due to disorders and surgical complications related to adhesions 1

  • 2.3B USD in direct inpatient expenses in the US 2

  • Major indications in the US (CDC): 6M abdominal surgeries; 1.25M C-sections; 600K Hysterectomies every year

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Every 3rd open surgery requires

re-surgeries 3

Every 5th open surgery leads to chronic pain 3

  • Every 5th case of female infertility 4

  • Every 4th gynecological laparoscopy 4

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